samedi 17 décembre 2011

500 years ago :
The interstellar empire decline and some planets were abandonned, some others forgotten. artekaos was one of these...
Now :
The world is divided by three superpower :
  • The Novasov Republik, a soviet empire
  • The Fédération of Free Peoples (FFP or Fed) defensor of the free world
  • The Titanidia Empire a facist and imperialist nation
In addition the Saahafiste  religion grow with great influence
Around these powers, numerous nations, race, groups of influence, company of mercenaries, tyrants eager for powers and hero liberators.
But at the moment no major war is declared, the fragile balance of peace is maintained in this status quo by the fights of influence in nasty small war for the controle of the minor countries

Welcome in Artekaos Planet

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